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Josh-Wash Web Site Table of Contents

Page One: (You Are Here.) All the Questions Answered

Page Two: Estimate / Fee Guide

Page Three: Consumer Protection Guide to Hiring a Window Washer

Page Four: How to Become a Window Washer... or Look Like One

Page Five: Home Repair / Handyman Division

Page Six: Josh-Wash's Picture Album!

Page Seven: Cal-OSHA OPOS Requirement (Building Owners, Please Read!)

Bonus Page: Josh-Wash's "Special" Trucker's Knot


Greetings from the Owners of Josh-Wash

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We are delighted to announce that, as of May 31, 2002, Josh-Wash will be incorporated under the new owner and CEO, Mr. Long Nguyen. Mr. Nguyen and his wife, Michelle, will continue to serve our customers with the same honesty and personal touch Josh-Wash has grown to be known for!

The retired founder of Josh-Wash, Joshua O'Hara, is starting a new event and party planning business in the Bay Area. Please click here to visit his new business web site.

Page One: All the Questions Answered

Hi, I'm Josh from Josh-Wash. I started this business in 1989 right after I finished my MBA program at USF. It is such a great feeling to know that everybody loves me and everybody needs me... well, as long as they have dirty windows.

I just built this web site to answer some of the questions you may have. Hey, I've been the one answering the phone everyday past 12 years... I know what you want!

Question #1: Are you guys insured?

Of course! You can get our insurance information from ISU North American Insurance Agency at 1-800-477-7401. Because of some law, we can't send you our insurance certificate ourselves. But, anyway, here are the policy numbers. Workers' Compensation: State Fund 1528853, Liability: SIMC 13215.


Beware of the window washers who have no workers' compensation, or whose job estimates are too low... They are usually owner-operators or independent contractors. And since they are not covered for their job-related injuries, you would be liable for their medical cost! (PL and PD insurance only covers you and your properties... not the guy on the ladder.) I heard it from an old lady who hired an individual window washer off the phone book. He fell off the ladder and this poor lady had to pay all his medical expenses. So, please say "No" to the little guys.

Question #2: How do you get up there?

Well, we have many ways to get "up there." We'll try the ladders first, up to about 30 feet. Then use the ropes, harnesses and boatswain chairs to come down from the roof (up to 130 feet, Cal-OSHA Limit). Sometimes if the budget and the location allow, we use the man-lift (Some people call it a "cherry picker."), up to about 60 feet.


Beware of the window washers who have no knowledge of Cal-OSHA Title 8, Article 5. If a compliancy officer (They are everywhere!) catches a window washer in unsafe condition, not only his employer but also you will be cited. And the fines run thousands of dollars! Generally, any owner of a building 36 feet or more in height needs to obtain a written document (Operating Procedure Outline Sheet, OPOS) prior to the window washing job unless you have a variance from the Cal-OSHA engineer. Please click here to read the law.

Question #3: How much does it cost to get our windows washed?

For residential jobs, we charge $200 (minimum) for the first hour and $200 for each subsequent hour. And you'll get 3 guys on your job. A written estimate, along with an initial consultation, will be given for a prepaid fee of $50 (deducted from your final invoice). Please click here to see our rate guide.

And a high rise job? Let me give you a rough idea... If I send two guys and spend a day, it'll be about $800. 3 workers and a supervisor for a day would be about $1,200. 7-story, 30-unit apartment building would be around $2,000 for the outside windows. 30-story Financial District high rise would be $10,000-plus. Please call me for more information.

Question #4: What do you use to clean windows?

Don't believe the cheap window washers who tell you that "Joy" in the hot water is the best. (Oh, no... "Joy" is soap, as opposed to "synthetic detergent." You'd be basically smearing animal fat on your windows with Joy...) There is a laboratory dedicated to the window washing industry, with all the lovely scientists in white coats mixing chemicals in test tubes. Please read my (Click here.) How to Become a Window Washer page for more information.

Question #5: How do you wash the outside from the inside?

Well, it's actually another trade secret. But, what the heck... This is how we do it. (Please don't try this at home!)

Question #6: What's your availability?

Please call me, and I'll let you know. Generally, we'll be able to show up on the next day. But in the peak season (May - October), please give us a week's notice.

Question #7: Do you guys do pressure washing?

Yes we do! Personally I love pressure washing more than anything. (It's like playing with a Super Soaker, you know.)We can use 1,500 psi to rinse the wall, or 3,000 psi to rip the paint off your house. We also use brushes on top of the pressure washers... There's nothing like good-old elbow grease, you see. Oh, check out this guy's web site to read about pressure washers.
Click here to go to Northern on-line Catalogue.

Question #8: My windows don't open!!??

We can fix that! How do we do it? Well, once again, here's another trade secret revealed. (I hope other window washers still like me...) We use a putty knife and a rubber hammer to cut the paint between the window frame and the sash.
Window Opening Secret

Oh, speaking of the putty knife, don't you ever try to scrape the paint off the glass with it! Painters always do that... Have you ever seen a lot of scratches on the edges of your window panes? That's caused by the hell-bound painters' putty knives. (And... God forbid... sand paper!)

Question #9: Can I get some references?

Sure! Just call us and I will give you as many names and numbers as you want. I usually try to give you the references from the job that's similar to yours. By the way, it's a good thing you are asking this question. Because I know A LOT OF fly-by-night window washers in this town. Please click here to see our "Consumer Protection Guide to Hiring a Window Washer."

The Big Question: "How can I become a window washer!?"

I know. Everybody wants to be either a super-model or a window washer. Boy, it takes a lot of social responsibility to be a role model. Ok, kids, Click here to go to my Barbizon School of Window Washing. (You can also read about the tools and chemicals we use there.)

Estimate / Fee Guide / Consumer Protection Guide to Hiring a Window Washer
How to Become a Window Washer ...or Look Like One / Handyman Division / Picture Album
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